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The family behind IgniteFSBO

Small town family with worldwide marketing experience.

With over two decades of Real Estate marketing experience for agents, we knew there was a want, and need, to make For Sale By Owner marketing easier and more effective.

We are husband and wife and are raising our two boys in the small town of Durango, Colorado. Over the years of being homeowners and moving several times, unfortunately we have had far too many negative experiences with untrustworthy and unreliable agents. Seeing tens of thousands of dollars fly out of our pockets and into the agent’s, we knew For Sale By Owner was the way to go, but it needed to be streamlined. This lit a fire inside of us, and so, Ignitefsbo.com was born.

We are devoted to helping FSBO owners market their homes. We provide the tools to showcase FSBO properties next to agent listings.

If you are selling For Sale By Owner or plan to, we hope you consider our service to help you achieve the marketing exposure you deserve.

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